About Magic Rugs

affordable handmade Persian rugs

Hi, We’re Ellie & Mehdi, the owners of Magic Rugs!

Magic Rugs is so much more than rugs, and we’re so excited to share this with you. Area rugs, as we now call them, have been around for thousands of years. Of course, they used to be made of animal hide and various woven materials. Rugs were practical - providing warmth and comfort to homes that were often nothing more than shelters. Over time, construction techniques made rugs more durable. And the use of wool and silk allowed for intricate and impressive designs. Carpets very quickly became family heirlooms that were passed on from generation to generation. Nowadays, we look to an area rug to bring the room and all its furniture together. But we still believe rugs bring family & friends together too.


That’s why value matters.

We believe every purchase you make with Magic Rugs should add value to your home. We believe it is our job to ensure a rug is authentic and meets a quality standard above all other rug sellers out there. We work very hard to bring the finest rugs to our customers for the lowest possible cost. In doing so, we hope to make heirloom-quality carpets accessible to every home.


We ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

This is not just our goal - it is our expectation. Our team at Magic Rugs knows that 100% customer satisfaction is the standard. Our team is available to answer questions and help every customer before, during and after a purchase. In fact, we hope you are so happy with Magic Rugs, that you’ll join our community on social media and even stop in and see us in Charlotte, North Carolina if you are passing through!


Thank you.

We know we wouldn’t still be in business without our happy customers, so thank you! We look back over more than ten years, and we see hard work with positive outcomes. We look forward to ten more and then some!


Ellie & Mehdi

Owners, Magic Rugs

Charlotte, North Carolina