Captivating Ways to Decorate Pantone’s New Color of 2019

tribal Persian runnerPantone Color Institute, a preeminent color authority, has finally revealed its color of 2019. This color is Pantone 16-1546. Known as Living Coral, it is a peachy-pink-orangey burst of positive energy. It is a tropical, vibrant, almost neon shade that blends the best parts of pink and orange in one eye-appealing color. The company regarded this hue as spirited and sociable which symbolizes our inborn need for optimism and joyful pursuits. 

Here are some ways in which you can use Living Coral, vibrant red-orange color for decorating your home.

1. Use a botanical print

As coral pairs great with anything vintage, you can use a botanical print that features a plant having flowers of living coral color and green leaves. It should be framed and have a distressed finish. Nature-inspired prints look great when they are in the bedroom, kitchen or even in a bathroom.

tribal Persian runner2. Opt for a coral botanical print pillow

Pillows are inviting. They provide you with the easiest way to incorporate a trend into your home’s décor. A pillow that features white flowers with a spot of living coral color in their middle along with coral-hued birds in its black background can add to the beauty of your room. You can add this pillow to your current mix of pillows. You can also pair it with a coral lamp.

3. Use a granger wool hand-tufted orange and ivory area rug

A vivid rug that contains an abstract reef design will look beautiful. The rug should feature living coral color with ivory colored reef sprouting from its two opposite diagonals.

4. Go with a small appliance 

You can choose a small coral appliance for adding a punch of color to your kitchen. The appliance can be a mixer grinder or any other.  

5. Use a pouf

You can choose a pouf that has coral hue. This fun color makes a statement addition to your bedroom, patio, living room or kid’s room. When you are alone and relaxing at your home, pouf turns out to be a great footrest.  

handmade vintage Persian rugs6. Go for a quilt

You can keep at your bedroom a quilt that has coral and blue colors in complementary pairing and which is made from the ancient art of hand screen-printing.

7. Use coral-hued curtains 

You may not be keen to paint an entire wall in a shade that is similar to living coral, but you can still dress up your windows and walls in the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year. You can look for coral curtains in stores as this color becomes popular. Opt for those curtains which have a white geometric pattern as it can suit any modern design.

8. Place pillar candles

Candles can provide you with a quick and inexpensive way to experiment with this latest color trend. You can keep a set of three pillar candles that have an ombre coral design and which are of different heights. You can safely leave on LED lights without worrying about a fire breaking out, and the scented wax makes these artificial candles look convincingly real. 

9. Keep a sage garden pot

home decor tips 2019Coral pairs beautifully with natural greenery. That is why it is a great option for vases and other plant vessels. You can place a coral colored mini pot that has on its outside surface an endearing design pattern consisting of triangular and rectangular figures. It would look great as a pop of color in a neutral room, or as a part of a colorful collection of plants. 

10. Bright bud vase

You can keep a round shaped bud vase which has a coral color at your home. It will add a touch of coral to your living space.

11. Use a cotton sheet set

You can deck out your bed in the coral-hued sheet set. The fringe detail in it will add a little extra visual interest and its bright color will make you feel as if you are falling asleep in a tropical oasis.

coral handmade persian rugs12. Stylish coral picture frame

You can frame your favorite photo or art print in a brighter coral frame. With dimensions of 8 inches by 10 inches, the frame will make a statement without completely taking over the walls of your room.  

13. Go with a perfectly soft accent towel 

You can use a towel which contains floral details and that has a subdued coral shade. Its floral details add a pretty texture to it. Its coral shade is a great way to add color to your bathroom without using new paint or installing new tiles.

14. Concave armchair

You can use a concave armchair which has a pair of living coral colored cushions for adorning your living room. This chair will give your entire room a cheery glow.

15. Opt for a coral reef table lamp

You can stun your guests and visitors by placing a handcrafted lamp which has a lovely coral base complemented by a stylish metal neck.

16. Fringed rope throw blanket

You can use a fringe rope throw blanket which contains a living coral hue. It will not only give you warmth in winter but will also provide a treat to your eyes.  

tribal Persian runner17. Place an oval coral and gold ceramic soap dish

You can keep an oval coral and gold ceramic soap dish at your bathroom. Its intricate and symmetric design pattern that features blue, white, black and coral colors will brighten any bathroom. 

18. Use a nail head garden stool

You can place a coral-hued nail head garden stool inside your home or outside it. It can help to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

19. Pantone Color of the Year 2019 Mug

Pantone came up with a commemorative mug which features 16-1546 Living Coral, the cool new color of 2019. It is a great option for committed living coral devotees or fans.

We hope you would find these ideas useful for decorating your home with living coral, the new color of the year 2019 introduced by Pantone.

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