How to Decorate With Handmade Persian Area Rugs

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How to Decorate Your Home Perfectly with Handmade Oriental Area Rugs?

hand-knotted persian rug

Do you have an aesthetically appealing handmade Persian area rug at your home? The rug has a breathtaking design pattern which delights you, but somehow it has been unable to create the desired look and feel, probably because it is not matching well with the design and colors of your sofas, pillows, draperies, etc. or may be due to any other reason.  

But you need not worry. We are hereby sharing with you some useful home decoration tips following which you can make your rug and sofa, pillows, draperies, etc. complement each other for creating the perfect and attractive look as desired by you:

Beige Gabbeh Tree of Life1. Have design patterns of the same color

As an example, if you have a handmade area rug whose design is predominantly blue in color, you can go for sofa cushions, paintings and draperies whose designs are also blue in color. Their combined visual effect will help to make your home look elegant and beautiful.

2. Go for the design patterns of different colors

Design patterns of different colors can also help you to create the desired visual effect. A dark colored rug put up against a pink colored cushion can make a room look attractive. But here you should be careful about not using too many mismatched patterns as this will create a sense of chaos instead of confidence.hand-knotted persian rug

3. Use neutrals for diluting the effect

Two separate handmade Oriental area rugs which have different colors and designs, can make a home look elegant if these are separated by generous swaths of white wall paint and hardwood flooring. These neutrals between the rugs will keep them from overwhelming each other.

4. Use classics together

Timeless patterns like zebra table colors and plaid cushions underpinned by an attractive hand-knotted Persian rug can help your home acquire a beautiful and royal like look.

5. Repeat rug colors in the furniture items

Carrying out colors like rich reds and blues in an Oriental rug along in a blue colored sofa and red colored chest will leave guests and your visitors spellbound. Even if they have different design patterns, their overall effect will remain unified.

6. Give attention to scale

A medium-scale pattern on an Oriental rug contrasting with a much smaller scale on the chair upholstery and a larger scale on the draperies can create a great ambiance. Varying the scale helps to provide ebb-and-flow energy which brings your room to life and ensures its design patterns do not compete with each other.

hand-knotted persian rug7. Select the rug of the right size

Apart from colors and design patterns, size is another important consideration while choosing a rug for your home. To determine which rug size to opt for, measure the length and width of your room and then subtract 2 to 3 feet from each of the dimension. Going for the rug which is between 2 and 3 feet smaller than the area of your room will make its space look more open and balanced.

8. Create the right contrast

If you are keen on using a heavily patterned upholstery or wallpaper at your home, choose a rug which is subdued. But if you are going for a busily patterned rug, you should keep the ornamentation on your walls and accent furniture minimal. This contrast will prevent your room from feeling immensely hectic.

9. Add a little humor

If your home has a cottage-meets-traditional setting and you are using a beautiful handmade Persian rug which has a detailed design, you can use an amusing rooster print on your armchair. As this print is unselfconscious and entirely at ease, it will help the different design patterns get along.   

10. Use natural fiber rugs

Rugs made of natural fibers like wool or silk are most resilient. They will last longer than the rugs made from the synthetic fibers.   

11. Use furniture coasters

If you desire to place heavy furniture items like a sofa, dining room table, etc. on the top of a rug, try to use furniture coasters. They will distribute the weight of your furniture items in a better way. So your rug’s pile would not get crushed under the weight of the furniture items.

traditional area rug12. Opt for long and rectangular rugs

For decorating your bathrooms and kitchens, you should use long and rectangular rugs as these will help to create a visual path. Such a rug will make your space look interesting and orderly.

13. Place furniture in the right way

In the sitting areas of your home, you should keep the two front legs of your sofas or chairs on the rug. This will make the furniture and rug look anchored and help to create a sense of harmony.

14. Use rug pads

By using rug pads under the rug at your home, you can keep it from slipping out of its place. Also, you can better protect your rug from any damage caused by the hardwood floors.

15. Make your rug a wall hanging

Have you ever given a thought to using a rug as a wall hanging? If not, try to use the rug at your home as a wall hanging. 

It will definitely look great. Also, the rug will add warmth to your room and help to dampen the sound between thinner walls. Silk rugs, antique rugs, and kilims make excellent wall hangings.

16. Use patterned rugs for higher traffic areas

For areas at your home which receive higher traffic, you should use a patterned rug. It helps to reduce the appearance of wear and makes the damage look less prominent.

17. Use eclectic rugs

Eclectic rugs can give your home an extremely upbeat and stylish feel. These tie your eclectic décor together and keep things neat and trendy. The eclectic rugs can also help to separate certain patterns in your décor which can otherwise clash or appear busy and cluttered. We hope these useful home decoration tips related to rugs will enable you to create the perfect and appealing look and feel at your home, which will delight you as a homeowner and let you leave a great impression on your guests and visitors. 

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