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Rugs for farmhouse style

Whenever we find the need to purchase a new rug for our homes, we might find ourselves wondering what exactly is the right style, which colors and patterns, which materials, or even what size should such rug be; this task only gains complexity when faced with the stylistic variant. We have to be fully aware of what are the best options for the room we are planning to place a rug. Farmhouse rugs are here to stay, so here are some of the most used ideas people have used in order to match their rugs with their farmhouse-styled household.


rugs for farmhouse style

Finding decor items that will perfectly match your home’s particular style might be a hard task to endeavor, and this might be because we are not completely aware of the stylistic dimension in our decor choices around the house, and might only make every new addition based on gut and not take the ideal time to ponder whether it is made to fit with the style of the room or not.

This decision taken lightly is even more perilous when that decor item is something as important as a rug; which is known to be one of the most important elements in a room, and definitely one of the first we look at when entering a room.

Finding the perfect rug to match your farmhouse-styled home might be a difficult task, and that is why we are eager to present you with several farmhouse rug ideas to give cohesion and unity to your home.

farmhouse 1

What is farmhouse decor style?

In general, the farmhouse style refers to the rustic and comfortable living spaces found in rural areas of Europe and North America. A good example of a farmhouse is a cabin.

There are many different styles that make up the Farmhouse Style including some rustic furniture, hand-crafted pieces, old walls with authentic decoration, natural colors and textures that surround you, high ceilings allowing for plenty of light to enter your abode, and beautiful home decor accessories. The interiors usually have neutral colors such as browns or whites with a hint of color here or there.

The farmhouse style is probably the most popular style of decor in the world today. The reason for its popularity is whether it be a home or an apartment that you live in, you are not tied down by the square footage of your living space. You can make any room feel spacious and light with the right disposition of the furniture, made in the right colors.

Should you decide to decorate your space in farmhouse style, you will have to fill it with natural elements such as fresh flowers, and potted plants, and soft fabrics like linen or cotton must absolutely prevail.


How can a rug be classified as Farmhouse style?

Farmhouse-style rugs aren't your grandmother's grandma's old worn-out room mats. These farmhouse rugs bring to mind the simplicity and warmth of rural living while providing a beautiful scene for your favorite rooms.

You may find yourself lost surfing the web for a farmhouse rug, but rest assured, magic rugs have the best selection of farmhouse-style rugs! We have curated a collection of handmade oriental rugs that match perfectly with any farmhouse style.


Some Farmhouse rugs ideas you cannot miss


Which colors are the best?

The farmhouse style is mostly about keeping things minimalistic and allowing the space in the room to expand gracefully, therefore the rug should not be ostentatious or scream for attention. Rugs in natural colors (such as brown, beige, oatmeal, and cream) or then again, washed oxidized or muted colors are perfect to recreate the atmosphere of a farmhouse style.


Think about texture and material

What is the best material to have a farmhouse-style rug? There is an infinity of materials you could choose from. To match this farmhouse style, we recommend you use soft materials, such as cotton or wool, but also, if you would like to stand out with your interior design skills, rough textures like jute or faux hide are great to better match the mood of a farm.


Don’t worry so much about style

Furniture and decor items decisions are as malleable as modeling dough, and it is a latent reality that when choosing a rug for your home, you must make a decision based on style. However, this might not be the case at all for farmhouse styles, for the thrill in this trend is the surprise effect, the harmony in plurality.

Therefore, you could easily go for a not-so-conventional option that still merges into your room’s style. Some Persian farmhouse rugs for the kitchen could be found as gorgeous runners, to be the contrast in your room.


Style mixing

So, now you have a free pass, and you are able to mix modernity, tradition, and everything you want for your home; you could have a modern farmhouse rug, with a geometric design using bright and bold colors, as well as vice-versa. The choice is absolutely yours.


what is the best rug style for my farmhouse-style decor?

This is a great question; one we get asked quite often. We think the best rug style for your farmhouse decor is pure, simple, and bold. If you're looking for something that will stand out from the crowd, we'd recommend going with a flat, solid rug.

A great option is also a contemporary repeat (pile). The look and feel of this rug style seem to be in sync with the farmhouse decor style, and it's super easy to match. with a modern farmhouse rug, there is no way to not leave every home guest astonished.

farmhouse 3

Prioritize practicality and simplicity

We think you'll prefer a rug that is practical and simple. Look for things like how well it matches the existing decor, how easy is it to clean and maintain, what's the pile height like (so you'll know if you need a rug pad or not), and how soft is it (so you don't have to worry about your kids' knees).

A good idea is to always choose a rug for a specific area of the house, for farmhouse rugs for the living room, you could dare to pick one made in bright, bold colors, opt for geometric or tribal designs to take the leading role of the place. For a farmhouse rug for the dining room, you might prefer to seek a quieter rug; muted and washed colors are great to match dark wooden furniture.


What are you waiting for?

You might have realized that we are completely smitten with the farmhouse style. Not only is it the decor trend to watch, but it's practical, too. The lack of clutter and decoration lets you find hidden gems easily and there is an air of warmth and simplicity that feels inviting and comfortable at home. Dare to add a rug to your farmhouse-style decor, for these rugs are the perfect addition!