Regular Rug Pad

Regular Rug Pad
Regular Rug Pad Regular Rug Pad Regular Rug Pad
Regular Rug Pad
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Rug Pads for Area Rugs, Runner Rugs, and Round Rugs

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Non-slip Rug Pad for Floors

This non-slip, eco-friendly regular rug pad is safe for all hardwood flooring and fishes, laminates, tile, concrete, and stone. This rug pad will protect your floor, keep your rugs securely in place, provides extra comfort underfoot and It is easy to clean.

NOTE: When ordering a rug pad, choose a general size and then include the EXACT size of your area rug in the order notes The rug pad will be cut 1" or 2" shorter than the exact size of your area rug for perfect placement.

CONDITION NOTE: With the exception of our Indian selection, all of our rugs are labeled as used. They may show signs of aging and are considered vintage pieces. We understand that buying rugs online can be a little bit risky; however, to avoid any confusion, please read all descriptions carefully or do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and concerns. We will also guarantee 100% satisfaction or return and full refund.

COLOR NOTE: All pictures of inventory are taken to the best of our abilities to facilitate your decision before the purchase. Note all photos are original images and not altered in any way: we never use any filters or effects, no photo-shop at all nor do we change the color of the photos.

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