Magic Rugs Rewards Program

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How it works

Earn 10 points for every $100 you spend. That’s 10 points, for every $100, on every purchase you make at Magic!

Earn more than 10 points per $100 during promo periods! Want to be notified when there's a promo going on? Just sign up for our email list. You'll be the first to know about gorgeous new finds and upcoming promos and sales.

Cash in your points whenever you want. You'll get $10 off your purchase, for every 10 points you cash in! For example, if you cash in 100 points, you'll get $100 off your purchase. Woohoo!

It's Easy To Get Started!

Create an account and you're automatically enrolled in Magic Rugs Rewards. You'll start earning right away! Don't worry, if you sign in via another method like Facebook or Amazon, you'll still earn your rewards and see available points in your account.

redeem rewardReady to cash in your points?

Just make sure you're logged in when making your purchase. In the rewards point section, let us know how many points you want to use. We'll calculate your savings right there in your cart.