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Magic Rugs Blog

Should you put a rug under your bed?

Bedroom area rugs are widely sought in the rug market since many families want to have the many benefits (both visual and practical) a rug can bring to their bedrooms. So Where should I put it?  There are two possible placings: in the area in front of your bed or under it.


What Type of Rug is Best for a Kitchen?

Rugs in the kitchen? Sounds a little crazy, right? Kitchens are one of the best rooms for rugs, both in terms of style and practicality. But (obviously), not any rug will do. In this post, we’ll discuss what types of rugs are best for a kitchen and how to choose the right one for yours. 


What are Oushak rugs?

Oushak is a type of rug that can be found in Turkey and is often used in homes as well as places of worship. It's quite difficult to clean, but it features a long, patterned wool pile and bears traditional Turkish motifs. A modern Oushak rug typically has a thick pile and by no means resembles the original type.


Types of Handmade Oriental Area Rugs

Oriental rugs are of different types, and these vary regarding their origin, design patterns, colors, and other characteristics. To help you grasp a better understanding of the differences between various oriental rugs, we are sharing with you useful knowledge about some prominent and popular types of handmade Oriental area rugs.


Styles of Area Rugs

The area rug is an iconic piece of decor that has been used for centuries for different purposes in the home. The history of the style dates back as early as 500 B.C when the Persians established their empire in Central Asia and introduced their own culture, including arts, architecture, and textile designs.


6 Totally Giftable Home Décor Ideas for the Holidays

It can be difficult to understand what your client is looking for specifically if they don’t have a particular look in mind. However, gifting your client an incredible home décor item they will love doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, with your eye, you can probably find the perfect item for your client without too much stress.


Magic Rugs 12 Days Of Christmas - Gabbeh

Only in the last fifteen years or so, has the Gabbeh gained popularity. Gabbeh rugs were often shunned for being too coarse, too bright, and having too much variety within the style. Yet it’s for these very reasons that we love Gabbeh rugs! And we suspect we’re not the only ones!