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Why style with a cowhide rug?

A cowhide rug is a piece of decor made from hide (skin) of cattle raised on a farm to have its hide harvested for use in fashion products or furniture. Cowhides are typically tan in color with the hair still attached. It has been used as an ornament since ancient times, and it was used to protect furniture and floors from oil, dust, dirt, and moisture. It is also thought that it would keep the cold out of a house by insulating. A cowhide rug can be found at many home decor stores.

You might have been considering a new decor element in your home, to render it more beautiful or to catch the eye of your visitors, so: have you ever considered having a cowhide rug decorating your room? Since cowhide rugs are mostly made from hide of cows and have a compact quality to it, they can be used in any room of your house. It gives your room that unique look and a touch of sophistication when put next to other furnishings, and will ensure that you have a lovely home decor element that will last you many years.

Before you go and pick a cowhide rug for your home, there are a few things you should know about them:


What is exactly Cowhide Rug?

The "cowhide" in cowhide rug comes from the skin of a cow. These days, most cowhide rugs are made of calfskin (45-55 cm/18-22 inches) and come in two grades: full-grain and top-grain. The main difference between these two grades is that full-grain hide rugs have been split down to their original layers and therefore have the best natural looks and highest durability. Top-grain cowhide rugs, on the other hand, have been sanded and steam-treated to achieve an artificial top layer (1.3-1.8 mm).

Both cowhide rug grades are naturally resistant to water, stains, and mildew. And while they can be damaged by sharp objects and direct sunlight, they're still far sturdier than synthetic materials and even wool rugs. The natural flexibility of cowhide also makes it quite an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like the living room or kids’ room.

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Why a Cowhide Rug?

Everyone loves a cowhide rug. There is something about its rough texture that soothes the eye and brings warmth to a space. The coziness of a cowhide rug doesn't stop there, as its deep pile makes it your perfect go-to relaxing place in front of a fire on winter days or when you just feel chilly. Nevertheless, this kind of rug doesn’t seem to be a really obvious option for your home. So why style with a cowhide rug?

  • They're a great design piece: There are a few decor items that can offer the impact of a cowhide rug. However, this must be balanced against the need to create harmony. So consider whether that floor-to-ceiling striped hide is right for your space. Or you could perhaps achieve the same effect using other cheaper decor pieces to disguise it and keep your interior design budget in check.
  • The texture adds depth to your room: The pile and texture of a cowhide rug create dimension in any room you install it in and therefore give added depth to the space. The texture of a cowhide rug is also a unique feature that can be used in many ways. It can be used to create seating cushions, sofa throws, window treatments, and even more than one cowhide rug. Or you could add texture by using any of the following:
  • Cowhide rugs are great for all types of spaces: Are you looking for a room where you'll want to showcase your art? Perhaps you'll want to enhance an already beautiful decor piece with a contemporary or vintage piece. Or have several rooms, so you can have different types of decor? No matter what type of space your new cowhide rug is destined for, it is going to work well.
  • You can find cowhide rugs in all shapes and sizes: A number of colors can be found on such rugs: you can have black cowhide rugs decorating your bathroom, a round dark brown cowhide rug decorating the living room, chocolate brown cowhide rugs decorating the kid’s room, and then a beige or light gray cowhide rugs in the dining room.


Cowhide rugs for contemporary spaces?

The idea of a cowhide rug in a modern home may seem contradictory. It is after all a rustic material, and the thought of it being used within a modern space can be an odd idea. It is true that cowhide rugs are natural and rustic, but they can still be used in spaces that are otherwise modern. There are different ways to achieve this:

Space is about contrast: Counteracting the natural earthy looks for a contemporary room with an elegant covering for your floors is one way to make your room feel more modern.


Cowhide rug prices

It seems that the only downside of owning a cowhide Rug is its high price tag; if you want to buy cowhide rugs, you must consider it may be an expensive proposition and a sure serious expense for your household. However, this doesn’t have to be the case; there are some places in which you could find cow rugs for sale, and enjoy yourself and your family in your home with a half-priced beautiful rug.

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Not really, not necessarily

To all those people that are still uncertain whether cowhide rugs and animal cruelty can be put in one sentence. A new breed of ecologically sound and very stylish cowhide rug is out there to look at, with softer colors and more durable material than before. Recent tendencies in the world of textiles have allowed people to stop using the natural skin of cows and rather thrive on a more artificial one, obtaining still great results on the customer’s wallet and on the environment.


How can I combine my cowhide rug with the rest of the room’s looks?

Cowhide rugs are an excellent choice as they make a great addition to any room in which they are displayed, no matter what style of furniture they might be combined with (modern or traditional). Another advantage of cowhide rugs is that they are 100% natural, which makes them extremely durable and resistant.

With an increasing number of people taking interest in the design of their houses and apartments, cowhide rugs are becoming a popular item. This is because they are able to make a room warmer and cozier by providing an extra layer of comfort underfoot. A houseguest who sees a nice rug at your place might be impressed by how stylish it looks while being comfortable at the same time.

The ideal procedure when buying a rug is to have the rug as the protagonist of the piece and think about the interior design of the rest of the room around it. But we understand this might not be the case, and this is precisely when cowhide rugs shine the most; they can be combined with any kind of decor, and their beige, creamy colors can match with about any other colors in the room, so you really must not worry on these technicalities. You should rather start thinking about what room you will place the rug in.


What rooms can I place a cowhide rug in

Cowhide rugs are definitely made for every room in your house; you'll love the way these luxurious rugs bring a delightful splash of color and style to virtually any room.

Although cowhide rugs are great additions to any room, they're particularly helpful in dining rooms and kitchens. If you're looking for a rug that can stand up to a fair amount of wear and tear, this is a perfect choice. Our cowhide rugs can withstand spills, pet accidents, and all kinds of other potential accidents with absolutely no deterioration (and they're much more appealing than traditional kitchen rugs).

Some people use cowhide rugs, or bearskins as throw rugs. This is especially true for older bearskins that have been cleaned and treated to help prevent smells from developing within the rug. They can be used on sofas or armchairs to add an elegant touch to a room. A plain, ordinary room can look amazing with a luxury cowhide rug added; it is not uncommon for consumers who purchase cowhide rugs for their homes to purchase multiple rugs, one for each room in the house.

Cowhide rugs can also be used as a decorative accent in children's rooms. They are very popular among baby parents who want to make their children's bedrooms more cozy, warm, and inviting. Custom cowhide rugs are also popular with childless adults who love the idea of making the room that they often call home feel special.


Types of Cowhide Rugs

There are three main types of cowhide rugs:

  1. Chunky Chukkas: These accents feature a natural-looking finish and are typically made from thicker hides (3-4 mm). They can be used as throw rugs on the floor or placed on a table to create a more rustic look. They're equally popular in the kitchen, dining room, and living room, where people love their thick texture and natural appearance. They usually have a matted (flat) back, but you can also find cheap chukka rugs with backs that are looped or woven. The most recently discovered type of cheap chukka rug is a Velvet version. The softness of the fabric looks much like a real cowhide rug and is therefore extremely popular in both bathrooms and bedrooms.
  2. Handwoven Cowhide Rugs: These usually showcase a more elaborate design. They are highly popular in kitchens, especially the ones with an Oriental design. They make beautiful accents in homes and can be used as runners or placed under chairs to protect the floor from scratches. The downside of hand-woven rugs is that they are more expensive than other cheap chukka rugs.
  3. Flatweave Cowhide Rugs: Each of these rugs features a flat weave and features a flat back. They are very common in the bathroom, where they are often used as accent rugs, and they are considered useful under cabinets or on closets.

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Cow rugs, from the pasture to your home

Every rug is unique due to differences in the texture and color of the hide used for its construction:

  • Hides from commercial dairy cows are often used in these rugs. These hides are heavier, yet they still feel soft to the touch and make a pleasant sound when walked on.
  • Hides from cows raised on pasture can be found in more expensive rugs because they have a more natural appearance and smell like grass. Such ruts usually contain short "hair" fibers that give them a slightly rougher appearance than those made with hides from other breeds of cattle.
  • Chianina's hide is from the Chianina breed of cattle. These large animals used to be bred in the Tuscany region of Italy, today they are raised throughout the world. Their hides are particularly thick, hard, and stable; therefore perfect for rugs.
  • Cowhide rugs can also be made with sheepskin and lambskin; these have softer textures than cowhide rugs.

Cowhide rugs or bearskins have been used by many cultures throughout history. They provide warmth and comfort in any room, especially during the cold winter months. They are very popular all over Europe, but almost non-existent in North America and Australia.


Are cowhide rugs the best option?

After having discussed all this, allow us to remind you that the final decision is always yours and that it is no one else but you who will have the final word on what materials, what size, what colors, and what design your rug will have, and it is, of course, you who decides which room you will place it in, these are just some guides based on the trends, but we want to end up this note by encouraging you to let your imagination run wild and find new combinations and designs to make your private spaces a delight for you, your family, and those who visit you.