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Design Traditions of Tribal Handmade Persian Area Rugs

Handmade Rug making tradition started in Iran (ancient Persia) centuries back when it was ruled by kings. Nomadic tribes like Qashqai, Bakhtiari, Lori, and others created these rugs from high-quality wool obtained from the sheep they grazed.


How big should my area rug be?

How do you find the right rug size? That's a straightforward question with many different kinds of answers. However, to be able to answer it you don't need professional help, just the guidance of your friends from Magic Rugs.

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Choosing the right area rug for your bedroom

A bedroom is a private sanctuary, and choosing the right decor items can make it feel more like it. A rug is a great starting point to achieve your aesthetic goals within your private spaces. If you are still doubtful of the great benefits a rug can bring into your bedroom, this post includes some of the benefits purchasing one would bring.

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5 Tips To Buy Handmade Indian Rugs

Rugs produced in India are beautiful and very well made. Also, they are easy to place around the house, since they are naturally dyed, which makes them long-lasting and easily blendable with any décor.

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9 Common Mistakes When Placing Oriental Rugs

You have the freedom to place a handmade Persian rug in your home in any way you like. But you do not know that by placing a rug in a careless manner, you are hindering it from telling its story.

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Traditional rugs for your home

Over the years, many homeowners and interior designers love traditional rugs because they make a great statement about their homes. But why is that? In this post, we look at some of the advantages having a traditional rug could bring to your home. 


8 Tips to Remove Pet Hair and Stains From Handmade Rugs

It happens.  The second you turn your back, your pet decides to relieve himself on that precious rug of yours. You clean it and scrub it, but sometimes the smell – and sometimes the pet stain – won’t budge. So what do you do?


12 Days Of Christmas - Hamadan City

Hamadan rugs are produced in and around Hamadan, Iran. Sarouk designs are the most popular designs classified within the Hamadan rug weaving tradition. If you’re looking for the very best quality Hamadan rug, you’ll want to ask for one from Kasvin village, as these are considered superior to all other Hamadans.


Where to get area rugs?

Having all of these options makes it difficult to decide which is the right place to make your purchase! You don’t know which are the right places, which have authentic and high-quality rugs for you, which of them offer discount area rugs that will last years on your home, or that will look exactly as in their description.


6 places to use runner floor rugs

There is an infinity of rooms and places in which a runner rug can be placed. In this article, we will explore the versatility of runner rugs, see some of the rooms in which a runner rug can be placed to embellish the area or render it safer, and find out about the best place to find runner rugs of the utmost quality.


12 Days Of Christmas - Shiraz, Iran

The city of Shiraz is in the Iranian Province of Fars. This is the only carpet style that illustrates beautiful nightingale designs. This pretty bird is represented in angular shapes. For the Shiraz culture, the nightingale signifies fulfillment and happiness.


Do area rugs make a room look smaller?

Sometimes, people will add an area rug to make it feel cozy and homey. While this is usually a good thing for a room's look, it could actually make your space seem smaller. It depends on many elements...