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Magic Rugs Blog

4 Cozy Area Rug Styles For Your Home This Winter

This Persian area rug adds warmth to an otherwise neutral room. The deep burgundy red and navy blue undertones are a perfect match for the stone and charcoal shades of the room's furniture and wall color. The area rug is a rectangular Persian rug from Shiraz, featuring a tribal pattern. You can shop for our Persian area rugs from Shiraz here.


what size rug for round table?

Purchasing a rug for your home can be a lot of bliss, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare when suddenly all the doubts start to come: Where should I place it? What size should it be? What color, pattern, material, and pile height should it have?


6 tips: your guide to buying a runner rug

Buying the correct runner rug can be a confusing task as it is hard to know which style you need, what the different types are, and what quality to expect. This blog post will help you decide on your perfect runner and make your buying experience more simple by providing helpful information about runners and how they're used.


We Have Always Been Magic Rugs!

Hmm, things are looking different…  That’s right, we’ve gone and made some changes! (For the better we hope, of course.)  In case you noticed the URL redirect… 


12 Days Of Christmas - Azerbaijan Province

Tabriz is famous for its handcrafted, hand-knotted rugs. The Tabriz style is considered a classic in the rug industry. Tabriz is the capital of the East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. It’s recognized as one of the oldest populated weaving centers in all of Persian Culture.


what is a kilim rug?

A kilim rug is a handmade woven rug, traditionally made in Eastern and Southern Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Western Afghanistan. The word "Kilim" is an old Turkish word meaning "to spread around". And these beautiful rugs’ particularity is they are a sub-category of flat-weave rugs, which means they are made on a loom rather than being knotted, so they don't have a tufted pile.


5 Tips to Clean a Cowhide Rug

we have done the research for you and compiled a list of tips to keep your cowhide rug looking fresh so that you can get one for your rooms and enjoy it without any further complications.


Magic Rugs 12 Days Of Christmas - Heris City

Heriz Persian Rugs are one of the few handmade rugs that are constructed by memory! That’s right! Artisans learn this tradition and pass it onto their families. Want another reason? This is a unique style where the weavers tell the story of the old times.


6 tips to make your bedroom more comfortable

But for everyone else out there with a less-than-ideal room layout, limited square footage, low light entrances, perhaps a bit crowded, untidy, and used for many different purposes, including work, allow us to share some ideas for making your bedroom as comfortable as possible.


8 Best Tips to Place Dining Oriental Rugs

Finding the perfect Oriental rug to place in each room around your house requires thoughtful consideration and care. But you need not worry at all!! We are here to help you out in this regard! There are a couple of things that you need to do first before getting placed the rug in the various rooms of your house.


Where to place an area rug in the bedroom

There are many different types of rugs and many rug placements that can blend into any style, from antique to contemporary, so you'll easily find the one you're looking for! But where do you start with your area rug? That's what this blog post will help you out with!